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Impacting Communities Through Clinical Research

Comprehensive Research

Founded in 1999, eStudySite operates two dedicated clinical research sites in San Diego, CA. Through comprehensive research services agreements with each of its partner hospitals, ESS is able to conduct a broad range of in-patient and out-patient protocols spanning first-in-human/first-in-patient through to pivotal trials and post-marketing support.


Worldwide Leadership

eStudySite has a worldwide leadership reputation for excellence in conducting trials spanning antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, diagnostics, and devices. We also have a thriving research practice encompassing a broad range of therapeutic areas including endocrinology, hepatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and other therapeutic areas. 

Mission and Values

 Our mission is to be the most efficient and productive in-patient and out-patient group of research sites in the world. Participants in clinical research at eStudySite can expect the highest quality care, compassion, and attention from our physicians and research staff. Through our corporate-wide commitment to research excellence, it is our goal to improve the process that will bring new medicines to our global community.

What Patients Are Saying

I have been going to eStudySite every 3 weeks for the past 4 ½ years. My experience there has been remarkable. From the beginning, the staff has always made me feel like I was important and not just another number on paper. I appreciated the continuity of care and the seamless process from one appointment to the next. Overall the experience has been educational, uplifting, rewarding, and life-changing. Everyone including site staff, travel team, and transport has treated me with nothing but care and compassion.

Rebecca B.

Rebecca B., Patient

eStudySite saved my life. I went through two studies for HCV and have been HCV clear for over a year. The staff is amazing and compassionate, and they took very good care of me throughout it all. Thank you so much!


Robert Bliss, Patient

The study was great and the staff was awesome as well! I felt like the study was a success and the medicine worked well as my blood sugar levels were reduced from when I started the study.

Jay H., Patient

Jay H., Patient

For years I had been fighting and slowly losing my battle with Hereditary ATTR. When I thought I had exhausted all options, I discovered the Patisiran clinical trial at eStudySite in San Diego and enrolled in it. Everyone of the staff that I interacted with was exceptionally knowledgeable about this rare disease, professional, compassionate, and caring. This group embodies what patient-focused care is all about! A sincere thank you to each of you.

Marco Favilli-1

Marco F., Patient

Excelente el trato del personal, feliz con el tratamiento. Muchas Gracias!



You all made the process very welcoming and personal and I really appreciate that. I also really felt "at home" with you in terms of that we speak the same language called Amyloidosis. What I mean by this is that it was refreshing for me to be with knowledgeable people who knew what they were talking about when it comes to ATTR. So, thank you for your expertise in the subject and professionalism in your work.


Jody Bothe, Patient

I came to eStudySite a few years ago for the treatment of HepC. I figured I had nothing to lose. The first trial of treatment was unsuccessful. However, a few months later they called me for a second treatment that was a little different. This was successful and I am grateful. I have a wonderful life and have embraced life to the fullest. Thank you!

tenaja falls

Robert F., Patient

I’ve been a patient for the past five years and everyone that I’ve met, who have cared for me have been (and continue to be) wonderful, concerned about my well-being, and overall health. The testing site is efficient and prepared when I’m here. Everything runs smooth.


Greg Wolgamott, Patient

Everyone I dealt with at eStudySite has been helpful, friendly, professional, and concerned for my well being. This study was a very positive experience overall.

Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell, Patient

For me it has been a marvelous experience to collaborate with eStudySite. It’s marvelous to know how I am and how to help others. Only in this way we are united to find a cure about diseases that still have no medication that may be a cure. The treatment by staff was excellent, all of my gratitude to you all. I love you all very, very much.

CytoDyn PRO140_CD03 - Subject 315-109 Photo for use with Testimonial-1

Ana M., Patient

The experience at eStudySite was truly amazing. Everyone was professional, kind, and loving. I couldn't recommend this study site more to anyone coming in.

Marshall D.

Marshall D., Patient

I am very happy with my experience at eStudySite. I look forward to seeing my nurse every week, as well as the rest of the staff. I haven't noticed too many changes in my health and my numbers are in a good place and getting better. I believe I am doing a good thing for every person with HIV/AIDS and hope my results with this study go to the efforts put towards finding a cure.


Romeo, Patient

I can't say enough wonderful things about eStudySite in La Mesa! The people there, nurses and everyone are so nice and helpful. I spent six days there and was treated so well. If you're thinking about participating in a study you won't be disappointed!


Ellen, Patient

I have never been to an office where people were so nice, way to go! I've been going here for two years and they have been a blessing to me.


Taja, Patient

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