Do you have a friend or family member interested in volunteering for a research study? Thousands of participants have enrolled in our clinical research studies, advancing medicine while receiving medical treatment.  We ask you to think about referring someone who might participate in one of our studies.  And we’ll thank you for it.


Referral Rules - It's Easy

If a friend or family member you refer successfully enrolls in one of our clinical research studies, you will receive a referral payment of up to $100 as a thank you. 

How It Works 

  • The person you refer must be someone new to eStudySite.

  • They must provide us with your name and phone number when they schedule their appointment for you to receive credit.

  • To receive your referral bonus, the person you refer must enroll (randomize) in a study.

  • You do not need to be in a study to participate.

  • There’s no limit—you can refer as many people as you want.

Your Information is important

Submitting your contact information will allow us to notify you if your referral has qualified for and enrolled in a study.  We’ll need your address so that we can know where to send your payment, but we’ll get that later.

Please submit the form to the right, OR call us at 619-704-2750.

IMPORTANT Program Details

This program is intended for the referral of friends and family members only. Eligibility will be determined by eStudySite. Referrers may not advertise for individuals to participate in a study.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Subjects currently participating in a study are not eligible to be referred by someone.

  2. A subject may only be referred one time.

  3. If a subject is referred by multiple people, the first person who referred will receive payment.

  4. Referral amount will be mailed in the form of a gift card to the referrer after the referral has randomized into the research trial. The decision to participate is up to the person being referred.

  5. Study eligibility information for the purpose of the referral program will only be shared with the referrer and the referral.  No personal health information will be disclosed to the referrer.

  6. Most studies qualify for a referral fee of up to $100. A small number of studies may qualify for a referral of $50.

  7. eStudySite, who conducts drug trials San Diego, reserves the right to revise or eliminate this program at any time without notice.

Refer A Friend